Destroyers:ROV MAKE

how do the destroyers reprsent us?

They work well in teamwork to get things done like our slogan(we fight to the finish).

what are the destroyers ROV's componets?

six red blades,neon string:1 meter,ribbon string:4 meters,jumper wire set(16),motors(2), 1 role of tape, 1 hook,2 washers, a cardboard box(1).

was your Rov neutrally buoyant?

engineer:yes, we had difficulties in the beginning because it was unbalanced and heavy but we got it back on balance by adding and taking off pieces.

How many times did we test our ROV?

we have tested it many times and we will continue to test it for more perfection

How did it go in testing?

it was between medium and easy beacuse our ROV got light then it went to heavy.then we had to get random objects such as pearls and washers,etc.

Did we change our design as a result of testing? If so. what did we change?

yes, we did change ouer original design by adding more motors for more mobilityand other componets.

Did we earn any bonus dollars in testing? What did we do to earn these dollars?

yes, we did alot at that.

How much money does the destroyers team have left, in total?

The destroyers team have 980 dollars left